Birth Preparation Workshops


At the moment due to covid-19 measures Fijne Geboorte teaches all her group activities in small groups so everyone can feel save.

Fijne Geboorte offers two different workshops to prepare you for your labor.
The “Spinning Babies Parent Class” and the “Birth Partner Workshop”. Both are with your partner or the one that will assist you in labor.

The two workshops give you different information. They compliment each other and if you would attend both you would have an extremely complete preparation. Nevertheless the information and exercises you get from each one are complete on their own and will not leave you with questions if you cannot participate on both.

From week 23 or later in pregnancy you can follow the "Spinning Babies Parent class". Some where in your last trimester you can follow the "Birth Partner Workshop".

What is the difference between the two workshops?

  • In the “Spinning Babies Parent Class” you learn about how and why it is important to create the necessary space for your baby. On top of that this approach will help you in pregnancy to restore balance within your body, so that you have less discomforts and pain and it will give you tools that you can use in labor if it gets challenging. Like for example; labor doesn’t want to start, no contractions, labor doesn’t progress, etc.
    This workshop is unique in The Netherlands and at the moment I am the only certified Spinning Babies parent educator in the Netherlands.
  • In the "Birth Partner Workshop" we focus on the physiology of labor, the different fases of labor, positions that can help. Your birth partner gets tips and tools how to support you in labor like for example massage techniques and counter pressure techniques.

Both workshops are complimenting each other and give a really nice preparation. You can book them separately or if you choose for both there is a discount of €20. Buy then the "Duo Birth Packet".

 Spinning Babies® Parent Class

Is a single workshop of 3 hours. You can do this workshop from 23 weeks or maybe you are at the end of your pregnancy you will still benefit from it.

What are the benefits of following this workshop?

  • You learn together with your partner how to give yourself more comfort and ease in pregnancy and labor by creating balance within your body.
  • If you know that your baby is laying in breech or transfers.
  • You get tools that can help you if labor gets challenging. Think of: labor doesn’t want to start, dilation doesn’t want to progress, no contractions…
  • Other birth preparations like pregnancy yoga, Birth Partner workshop, Samen Bevallen, Hypno Birthing, Haptonomy etc. have more chance to succeed if balance is created first through the approach of Spinning Babies.

New dates coming up:

2021/ Sept 11th, Oct 9th, Nov 6th, Dec 4th, 

2022/ Jan 8th

Costs: €145 per couple 
Duration: 3h

This workshop can happen with min 3 couples.

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Birth Partner Workshop

Partner workshop

Fijne Geboorte offers every 6 weeks a birth partner workshop. A 2-hours workshop where you will learn how to prepare for labor and give tips and tools to your birth partner in order to assist you better. 

Childbirth is not only intensive for the woman who is in labor but can also be intensive for her partner. In the birth partner workshops, the partner gets an idea of his or her active role in the birth, and learns different ways to support you.

New dates coming up:

2021/  Aug 19, Sept 30th, Nov 11th, Dec 16th.

2022/ Jan 27th, March 10th

Costs: €75 per couple 
Duration: 2h

This workshop can happen with min 3 couples.

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