Workshops at Fijne Geboorte are given in small groups.
If not everyone speaks Dutch, these are given in English.
This is a very new workshop coming from the USA. Only a few people are allowed to teach it. As a Body Ready Method® pro I have seen amazing results. I am honoured to be authorised to bring the Body Ready Birth workshop to our community! This powerful workshop helps reclaim the body’s natural wisdom for birth in a world that’s made it forget!

I’ve been learning about the science of birth positions and preparing the body for birth with Body Ready Method®’s professional trainings and I am ready to share this info with you (and your partner!).

Not only do we teach how to create space in the pelvis, we also have pelvis prep classes for each level of the pelvis and help you better understand clues to know where baby is during labor…. You shouldn’t need a PhD in Pelvic Biomechanics to give birth more efficiently!

We believe that when we learn about and practice positions, we prepare the body to be able to find them, intuitively. That way, the neural pathways are there, in the brain, and they can intuitively access them in birth! We call it as well muscle memory. Like you learn swimming!

With this new workshop, you and your birth partner can expect:
Innovative hands on techniques to increase comfort and connection during labor.
Knowledge of birthing positions and techniques to help labor progress smoothly and effectively.
Techniques to prepare the pelvis for birth at every level.
Full confidence to go into labour with the wisdom of what to do, when and why.
You get a nice home preparation packet with prep classes that you can watch as much as you want at home.
… and much more.

The Body Ready Birth workshop is nice to combine with my other workshop, the Birth Partner workshop.
Interview on radio show “Haagse Bakkie met Jessica Mendels” about Body Ready Birth workshop.

What is the difference?

The Birth Partner workshop is more of a classic preparation where you learn the basics. Think: how labour starts, stages of labour, breathing techniques, positions, hands-on techniques plus practical information you need to know….

The Body Ready Birth workshop goes deeper and teaches you how to get your body more balanced, learning how to create more space and getting ready for birth. With amazing tools for your partner.

From about 28 weeks or later, you can attend these workshops.

This workshop runs parallel to the Spinning Babies Parent Class but goes deeper into the material.

Duration: 4 hours + 30 min break

Cost: €200 per couple

Should you wish to attend the Birth Partner Workshop and the Body Ready Birth Workshop, buy the “Duo birth packet” with €20 discount.


March 30, April 28, May 25, June 22, July 20, Aug 24, Sept 21, Oct 19, Nov 16, Dec 14  2024

Jan 11 2025

Time: 10:00 – 14:30

* This workshop can take place with a minimum of 3 couples.


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